Marriage Equality to become Law in New York!

By rnickens

Marriage in NY

New York Senate passed a bill which will legalize marriage for gay and lesbian couples in the state. Andrew Cuomo, the Governor who championed the bill, will sign it into law.

JRC is especially pleased to have marriage equality in New York because of its diversity–it is encouraging to know that not only has the number of people who could legally marry in this nation doubled, but many of them are also from the communities of color which are underrepresented in current states where marriage is legal.

JRC would like to congratulate all LGBT people and allies not only in the state of New York, but throughout the nation. This bill is just one step–but a very important one–in our ongoing efforts to ensure that all people are treated equally and fairly under the law. It is our sincere hope that this victory will provide us with the momentum we need to change hearts and minds here in California and beyond.

In celebration,

Milton Davis

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