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The Barbara Jordan/Bayard Rustin Coalition is proud to be the community collaborator for the movie “Punks” Directed by Patrik-Ian Polk.

Before the hit series, “Noah’s Arc,” Patrik-Ian Polk made a splash at Outfest 2000 with his debut feature “Punks.” Infusing it’s hip-hop and R&B rhythms into a completely black gay world in West Hollywood, “Punks” is a romantic comedy featuring Marcus, a successful 20 something photographer who becomes infatuated with his completely gorgeous and supposedly straight neighbor Darby. Full of fresh characters, snappy dialogue and great performances, its’ a pleasure to revisit the not-often-seen “Punks” a decade later.


Please join us on Sunday July 17th, 2:30 pm at the REDCAT Theater:
631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Thank You For A Successful Juneteenth!

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Thank You for Making Juneteenth Our Most Successful Grassroots Fundraiser to Date!
The results are in, and this year’s Juneteenth Pride Awards Celebration was an event of many firsts for JRC, among them:

We honored Shelley Brown with our first ever Member of the Year Award, Jewel Thais-Williams with the Barbara Jordan Award & Ron and Richard Harris with the Bayard Rustin Award.

Councilwoman Jan Perry came to speak directly to our members
The Black League of L.A. Opera came to provide us with their unique and inspirational brand of music

Juneteenth 2011 Honorees (Center), Ron Buckmire Board President (Left), Councilwoman Jan Perry (Right)

Juneteenth 2011 Honorees (Center), Ron Buckmire Board President (Left), Councilwoman Jan Perry (Right)

Even more amazing, however, is the grassroots fundraising power our members showed through this event.

This year we were able to bring in:

Over $2,000 in sponsorship for the event thanks to Equality California, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, and the ACLU of Southern California

Over $2,000 in pre-event ticket sales
Most impressively, we were able to gain over 30 new paying members through the event and raised over $3,000 through grassroots fundraising AT the event. By bringing in over $8,000 in sponsorships, ticket sales, and donations, we have DOUBLED the success of last year’s Juneteenth event.

We would like to let our constituency know that this is the type of grassroots fundraising power we hope is just the beginning of what our community is able to achieve. The money raised at this event will go directly toward our two largest community programs: knocking on doors in South Los Angeles to convince more Black voters to support their LGBT neighbors, and organizing a Queer Straight Alliance at Southwest College in Inglewood as a model of culturally relevant–and competent–student organizing. So, if you weren’t able to be apart of this year’s event, we certainly look forward to getting you involved before next year’s!

JRC Volunteer Team

JRC Volunteer Team

JRC 2011 Board Members

JRC 2011 Board Members

See you at Juneteenth 2012!

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Marriage in NY

New York Senate passed a bill which will legalize marriage for gay and lesbian couples in the state. Andrew Cuomo, the Governor who championed the bill, will sign it into law.

JRC is especially pleased to have marriage equality in New York because of its diversity–it is encouraging to know that not only has the number of people who could legally marry in this nation doubled, but many of them are also from the communities of color which are underrepresented in current states where marriage is legal.

JRC would like to congratulate all LGBT people and allies not only in the state of New York, but throughout the nation. This bill is just one step–but a very important one–in our ongoing efforts to ensure that all people are treated equally and fairly under the law. It is our sincere hope that this victory will provide us with the momentum we need to change hearts and minds here in California and beyond.

In celebration,

Milton Davis

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oscargrantLos Angeles, CA - June 14th, 2011
Contact: Milton Davis, JRC Program Director
Mobile: 323-273-0347

For Immediate Release
1:30 PM June 14th, 2011

LOS ANGELES- Johannes Mehserle, the Oakland BART officer found guilty of involuntarily manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant, was released from the Los Angeles Jail yesterday morning. Johannes was sentenced to 2 years in jail for involuntary manslaughter for shooting the unarmed Grant; jurors determined that while his actions were not purposeful, they were so negligent that it could be considered criminal. Although it has been widely known that with good behavior and time served Mehserle’s two year sentence would likely mean serving one year and a June release, being released after 12 months is a harsh reminder of the fact that justice was not served in this case.

“Oscar Grant leaves behind a family and community that is just now beginning to cope with what Oscar’s death-and the circumstances of that death-truly means” stated JRC Program Director Milton Davis. “It speaks to the ineffectiveness of this justice process that before the wounds have had time to begin healing in this community, Mr. Mehserle is walking free once again”.

About 25 protesters stood outside the Los Angeles Jail in response to Mehserle’s release, although he was able to elude media and protesters during his 12:01 A.M. release. What is yet to be seen is whether or not Mehserle will return home to the Bay Area, and whether his presence there will re-incite the racial tensions that overwhelmed the area during the trial.


The Barbara Jordan/Bayard Rustin Coalition ( exists to empower same-gender loving, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families in the Greater Los Angeles area, to promote equal marriage rights and to advocate for fair treatment of everyone without regard to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

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Juneteenth 2011 is THIS SUNDAY!

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You can buy tickets HERE. They are $10 less before Sunday June 19th.

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